BMC’s Digital Service Management is an innovative paradigm for IT Service Management (ITSM), based on the changing trends in the industry around the way people are interacting with and utilizing technology in the era of digital services.

 As BMC says Remedy 9.0 is smart, beautiful and powerful service management that empowers the digital workforce. 

BMC Remedy Service Management is an innovative service management platform built natively for mobile with an intuitive, beautiful, people-centric user experience that makes your whole organisation more productive. Simple to use and powerful enough to manage the most advanced digital enterprises, Remedy can be delivered from the BMC cloud or your own datacentre.

Remedy 9 takes advantage of a brand new Java codebase, the industry leading CMDB and flexible integrations to deliver a truly enterprise scale service management platform for the digital enterprise.

Highlights here:

Mobile first

Remedy 9 offers Fully mobile on iOS, Android, and HTML5.  It helps to enhance the Service Management experience by using native device capabilities such as built-in cameras to attach photos to incidents or knowledge articles; voice recognition for hands-free annotation of tickets; bar code scanners and GPS provides location-aware capabilities

Social Collaboration  

Chat, social, and collaboration capabilities are embedded to maximize adoption and harness the true power of the crowd.

Persona based user experience

Smart IT is the persona-based user experience personalized to your role with context-aware insights that automatically present you with relevant content. It hides the underlying process from the end user— keeping process enforcement behind the scenes to help users work smarter.

Context and Location aware

Remedy 9 knows who you are and where you are, and it will present the information that is relevant to you, whether you are a business user (MyIT) or IT user (Smart IT).
Formless: No more forms, no more fuss. Instead of filling out a long form when you need help, simply write a short post saying what you need.                                                

Smart Reporting

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting is an easy-to-use report writer that enables users to build custom reports with drag-and-drop simplicity for formatting and data selection. Even better, users can share, follow, and comment on graphs and charts to get the whole team engaged in making better decisions.

Server built 100% on Java

Built on a 100% Oracle® Java® codebase to deliver high performance in the most complicated IT environment. As the Code is optimised by 50%, the resource utilisation is improved by 60% in comparison with previous versions. Obviously, this means better performance and significant reductions in infrastructure needs for on-premise customers.

RESTful APIs to simplify integrations

RESTful APIs let you integrate Remedy with most other industry leading softwares.

Easier Upgrades

Upgrading gets much easier with Remedy 9 compared to previous versions, and it offers Zero Downtime Upgrade.

New Pricing

Greatly simplified and revamped Remedy ITSM pricing model with much lower list prices than previous editions. The pricing is now extremely competitive and offers great value for money.

Low Overall Cost of Ownership

Simplified licensing, New pricing, 100% java code base, reduced infrasturcute footprint, persona based UX design leading to lower training needs – Overall they mean lower cost of ownership. 

Want to know more? Read this post (external link) around how BMC Software’s team came up with this fantastic new release.