Three times a year, Remedyforce customers look forward to a new release of updates, and the latest additions (release 20.16.01) do not disappoint! The focus this time around is on automation, and simplified, elevated Service Management. Here’s a quick run down of what to expect from your seamless push upgrade.

New Agentless Discovery

Remedyforce’s new automated device discovery feature will provide users with a comprehensive view of their IT environment, at no additional cost. By scanning for assets and gathering data such as device type, key identifiers (serial number) and OS, administrators can automatically populate their Remedyforce CMDB quickly and easily. Agentless Discovery reduces support call times, increases first call resolution rates and allows users to proactively manage their devices. There is also the option to upgrade to ‘Client Management’ premium, or premium plus, where additional features include remote management, compliance management, patch management and deployment management.

New Queue and Staff Assignment Automation

This automation feature streamlines the task assignment process, ensuring that staff are presented with the most relevant incidents, and tickets sit in the appropriate queues. This automation takes place almost instantaneously, meaning that the service desk team can meet an increased service level demand and provide even greater customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Mobile Offering

Both the service desk and self-service Saleforce1 mobile apps have been enhanced with a number of new functions. All service desk app users can now view CIs and assets linked to incidents, and those with the required permissions can also link and edit records, CIs or assets on the go. The self-service app is now available generally, delivering convenient staff/client interaction. Clients can submit, edit and view service requests, and check on progress through the activity timeline. They can also chat with staff members to resolve issues, or access the extensive bank of knowledge articles.

Service Health

This informative feature allows staff and clients alike to view service health updates with ease. A new tab, and new tile in self-service, have been added to give insight into available, degraded and disrupted services. Service health update email notifications can now be sent to subscribed users, keeping them updated on a regular basis.




The Best of the Rest…

Many smaller enhancements have also been included in the update, and lots of them have been created in response to customer requests. Here are just a few:

  • Increased attachment size limit (25mb).
  • Emergency change requests: override conflicting service outages or change requests
  • Manage and reassign approvals via self-service (Beta)
  • Import settings from the production organisation to the sandbox organisation via SmartSync – Beta
  • Improved visual configurations for surveys to encourage more feedback from users.

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