With so many ITSM vendors in the market, it’s sometimes difficult to choose one. You’ll need a solution that is flexible, cost-effective, and suitable for your needs – and for many people, that solution is BMC Remedyforce. In this blog, we take a look at why so many organisations across the globe prefer Remedyforce over competing products.

Value for money

Of all the major vendors, Remedyforce has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Users enjoy excellent cost efficiencies at the outset – particularly when implementing the solution with additional Salesforce apps – and have very few ongoing costs to contend with. Remedyforce customers get access to training and technical resources, and a number of seamless updates throughout the year, at no extra cost, ensuring that operations can be streamlined further and return on investment is greater. What’s more, Remedyforce also has the fastest time to value in the market. Many deployments take less than 30 days, meaning you can start to recover your investment from the word go!

Service and Reputation

Remedyforce is powered by two of the most respected organisations in IT – BMC and Salesforce. Salesforce is known as the most secure and reliable cloud platform in the world, and handles billions of transactions per day. Whatever the scale of your project, you can be sure that Remedyforce can handle it!

In all of their solutions, BMC puts the customer at the centre, and this is particularly true for Remedyforce. Their customer enablement model virtually guarantees success. Users drive project direction as they are offered access to product development environments, and updates almost always include customer-requested enhancements. All in all, this makes for a great customer experience, and also means new features can be released quicker than with alternative providers.

You only have to listen to existing Remedyforce customers to know just how good the user experience is across the platform. 92% intend to renew their licence each year, and 86% enjoy a positive experience with the CSM program. Clients have also reported 96% reductions in time spent on projects, which really shows the kind of improvements in efficiency that can be felt.

Make informed decisions, wherever you are

The sheer amount of data that Remedyforce collects and reports is quite astounding. Having a 360 degree view of your IT and business operations allows you to spot trends, address issues before they happen, and make informed strategic decisions. And you can do this almost anywhere with Remedyforce’s market leading app – dashboards and analytics are just as clear on your tablet or mobile device, and you can action fixes in no time at all.

Other reasons that organisations leave the competition for Remedyforce

Many other solutions on the market require significant coding and/or scripting in order to output maximum value. This is not the case with Remedyforce – the platform’s ability to implement complex workflows and analysis and without writing codes and scripts makes it easy to administer and configure.

Upgrading your ITSM can be a real pain with a lot of solutions, but, as you’ll already know, Remedyforce customers receive free, seamless upgrades. As upgrades are pushed to sandbox and production, there will be no downtime and you’ll be able to continue working as normal. Whenever a new release is available, all customisations and configurations will be preserved and applied after upgrade, eliminating any need for rebuilding.

The Sysintegra difference

Many of our customers choose Remedyforce as their ITSM solution, not just because of the above reasons, but because our consultants have unrivalled skills and expertise in deploying and managing Remedyforce. We’ve implemented Service Management strategies for numerous large corporations and smaller businesses, who have chosen Remedyforce for a variety of reasons, and each of these project requirements have been different. Rest assured that with Sysintegra, you will achieve optimum return on investment and outstanding customer service. If you would like to talk to one of our consultants about your ITSM requirements and how we can help, please do get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.